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Crowns, Bridges and Tooth-Colored Fillings

A crown is generally used by the dentist to repair a badly-decayed or damaged tooth, providing the patient with the coverage, natural look and basic function of the original. Crowns help to save what's left of an existing tooth and provide an alternative to complete tooth removal.

Bridges, on the other hand, help to fill in areas left vacant by missing teeth. By utilizing the surrounding teeth as an anchor, a prosthetic tooth is secured in the empty spot, providing the appearance and function of a healthy, natural-looking tooth. Both bridges and crowns are designed to fit in with the unique symmetry of a patient's teeth and gumline, making them virtually unnoticeable.

Tooth-colored fillings provide patients with an effective and affordable alternative to traditional metal colored fillings and can be installed in just one visit. The metal fillings are removed and quickly replaced with enamel-colored fillings, matching the natural color of your teeth and providing your smile with a more natural look.

Each of these commonly-performed dental treatments can be completed safely, easily and quickly. For more information or to schedule an appointment call our office today.

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